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DIVERS - Please remember to phone the Dive Marshall the night before to confirm whether you are Diving. DIVE MARSHALLS - Please remember to check the dive details and phone the Diving Officer and the Equipment Officer the night before to get approval. PLEASE NOTE: If you are unsure or unable to run the dive please find someone who can and contact the Diving Officer the week before to re-schedule. Saturday and evening dives to be arranged during the week depending on the weather, visibility and demand. All new Dive Marshalls should have acted as a Deputy Dive Marshall. All new Dive Marshalls should have an Experienced Dive Marshall on their first Trip. Please volunteer to Boat Handle even if you are not diving as a Qualified Boat Handler is required on all boat dives. Please use the Dive Slate to record Diving details and forward to the Diving Officer afterwards for the records.

Dive Plan 2017


DateLocationDive MarshallType Of DiveDepthTideTide HeightHigh WaterSlack WaterNotes
01/01/2017Chichester Harbour Entrance Reef15m

09/01/2017Thorney Channel Drift8m

17/01/2017Emsworth Channel Drift6m

24/01/2017Itchenor Reach Drift6m

31/01/2017Itchenor Landing Craft Wreck6m

07/02/2017Bosham Deep Drift12m

14/02/2017Mulberry  Wreck10m

21/02/2017The Park Scenic10m

28/02/2017Selsey Lifeboat Slip Shore4m

06/03/2017Bracklesham Bay Lading Craft Wreck6m

13/03/2017UB21 Wreck6m

20/03/2017Corbet Woodall Wreck15m

27/03/2017Camswan Wreck20m

BST Begins!
03/04/2017Brigitta Wreck15m

10/04/2017East Borough Head Drift15m

17/04/2017Mixon Hole Scenic25m

24/04/2017Plymouth Various30m

01/05/2017HMS Boxer Wreck20m

08/05/2017Pullar Bank Drift16m

15/05/2017Cuba Wreck30m

22/05/2017Patch landing Craft Wreck20m


05/06/2017Kimmeridge Scenic15m

12/06/2017Gascony Wreck30m

19/06/2017Shirala Wreck25m

26/06/2017Ben Venue Wreck20m

03/07/2017Kurland Wreck30m

10/07/2017Edenwood Wreck15m

17/07/2017French Barque Wreck30m

24/07/2017Bullock Patch Drift15m

31/07/2017Zanstroom Wreck30m

07/08/2017Luis Wreck10m

14/08/2017HMS Prince Leopold Wreck30m

21/08/2017Briggita Wreck18m

28/08/2017HMS Sapper

04/09/2017Swashway Drift10m

11/09/2017Northcoats Wreck30m

18/09/2017Middle Grounds Drift15m

25/09/2017U1195 Wreck30m

02/10/2017Whirlpool Hole Drift15m

09/10/2017Camberwell Wreck30m

16/10/2017Ala Wreck15m


30/10/2017Britsum Wreck10m

06/11/2017Tanks and Bulldozers Wreck20m

13/11/2017Mixon Hole Scenic25m

20/11/2017Barge FTP4 Wreck12m


04/12/2017Silvia Wreck10m

11/12/2017Hayling Bay Scenic12m

18/12/2017Harbour Entrance Drift20m

26/12/2017Boxing Day Dive Chi Harbour

01/01/2018River Avon Rope3mN/A