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Andy Booth - Diving Member

Gordon Harriott - Honorary Member 

Old Archive Reports

Chairman's Chatterbox 2006

As the nights are closing in and the winter draws nearer I thought it was time to put fingers to the keyboard and update you on what has going on what is coming up at the Dive Club. Diving wise the season started off extremely well this year with another classic trip to Plymouth with cold but clear water and plenty of interesting finds, well interesting to me but perhaps not Louise!

Plymouth Marine Life The Poulmic This summer has been one of the best for diving a long time with some superb 15m days and flat calm seas. Over this year we have visited a lot of the old favourites such as HMS Leopold, Northcoates, Shirala and my favourite the French Barque, along with re visiting others including the Hedwig Lundsted and the U1195 and also diving some completely new sites such as the steam tug Harry Sharman and the paddle steamer the Empress Queen. However, Andy Booth is obviously very upset as we haven't managed to dive the Teapot yet this year!Andy explaining how to protect yourself when picking up lobsters!Louise and I had some excellent Diving in Greece with 40m visibility at 40m, dramatic scenery and loads of fish, all be it small ones. It is quite apparent that are very few big fish left in the Med which is a real shame, infact I saw more big fish on a dive on the Pullar Bank the week I got back with only 3m viz! A Rare sight - Louise Diving! The club trip to Gozo organised by Dave Tickell went very well and was blessed with good weather that enabled everyone to get to the popular sites and enjoy some superb viz. However, there was an unfortunate incident during the holiday but thankfully no one was hurt. These situations always serve to remind us to dive within our limits and adhere to the recommendations of the Dive Marshall and DO.

The Club in Gozo. Adam enjoying the viz. In October, 11 of us went on a dive trip to Newquay organised by Adam Rowlinson, which actually turned out to be a brilliant Surfing trip! With 15ft waves at Watergate Bay, we all went surfing and Bob Ho on his first trip was riding the waves in and taking photos at the same time! As there was no diving over the weekend we decided to hit the nightclub till 3.30 in the morning and then sober up with a surf first thing in the next day! Adam however got found out by his wife who caught him online drawing out £100.00 from his account in Newquay at 12.00 that night!

Surfing in Newquay However, all that good diving over the summer has now come to an abrupt end and with the shingling up of the Ramp at Bracklesham, Diving has been restricted to more sheltered sites such as Chichester Harbour. For the winter I have been talking to Chichester Harbour Conservancy who have asked for some help identifying features in the Harbour, located on surveys carried out by Hants and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology. We have already investigated several anomalies, but if anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact me. We will also be heading down to the river for some Rope Diving in the Avon and also to Kimmeridge, so phone the DO for an update on what is going on if you are keen to get out. Unfortunately, the New Park Centre was shut for a number of weeks over the summer and this along with the majority of people being away on holiday meant that club meetings were somewhat disrupted. However, the Centre has now been refurbished and normal meetings have been resumed. Thanks must go to Bob James for organising a Bar B Que over the summer, unfortunately a lot of club members were away but despite this he managed to raise £100 through a raffle on the night. This year is the 300th Anniversary of the wrecking of HMS Hazardous in Bracklesham Bay and this was celebrated by an exhibition at Earnley Gardens which was well attended and will be followed by a Dinner Dance for those that have been involved with the project over the years. A lot of work has been carried out on the boats and equipment over this year with a new trailer being made for Tango and 555 being serviced and refurbished. Thank you to everyone who has helped out with their time, skill and support and to Chris Franklin for the loan of his engine. Without this team effort the club would struggle to survive and would not be the great club it is Forthcoming events are the Club Fireworks which will be on November the 11th at Annie Grainger's house at Bracklesham, (see invite for details) the Xmas Party on the 9th of December at the Anchor in Sidlesham (see invite for details) and Bowling at Chichester Gate with Wittering Divers in January (date TBC). Looking forward to next year, the date of the Club AGM is set for the 4th February 2007, 7.30 at the New Park Centre, so please put a note in your diary and come along as it is important for the future of the club to get everybody's input. If you haven't been able to get up the club or out on the water recently then please give me a call to catch up. Happy Diving, see you up the Club or on the water Andy 


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