Grey Skies and Blue Sea!

January: Happy New Year and let's hope it's a good one!


December: Very Windy and Big Waves, Alternative Sports and Christmas Pudding.

November: Canal Diving and repairing Lock Gates, great fun.

October: Summer has gone again, dig out your Surfboards!

September: Summer has finally arrived! Great Viz.

August: Awful weather everyone is going abroad to find some sun and clear water!

July: Mixed weather with some good days, get out when you can.

June: More wet and Windy weather!

May: Wet and Windy!

April: Good Dives in the small windows of opportunity.

March: Mixed weather, and mixed Vis.

February: Settled weather and good dives should be a good year.

January: First Dive of the Year! Big swell and not much vis, but nice to get out on and in the water.



Great Diving good Viz and flat sea but water still cold!

March: Spring is here!

'Coastal Change Survey' commenced in Bracklesham Bay with good visibility and a variety of information gathered.

No visibility offshore yet, with less than a metre with a torch at 25m! (Andy's heart monitor works well though!)

February: Mulberry Harbour

Biggest Surf and swell for 3 years and Dave, Jan, Alison and Linda  bravely went out and saved the 'Mulberry Dolphin'!

January: Bracklesham Bay Landing Craft

No Viz but Chas had 2 one hour dives, a true hero!


Stormy Weather: The last few weeks have been rather stormy with Strong Gales, Big Swells and the launch ramp completly shingled up thereby restricting Diving to good tides and calm weather.

HMS Hazardous: Excellent visibility and a couple of inquisitve Trigger Fish. Much of the site is now unfortunately covered in sand but the area to the North is further scoured out and provided some unusal Fossil Corals and a Sponge.

Gozo: A week of 30m Viz and warm water; lovely!

22/05/10. Bracklesham Bay Rocks: Lovely sunny day on the water with good viz of about 5m. Lots of fish amongst the weird shaped rocks. A nice Plaice for the Bar B Que and some unusal fossils. A great dive with Bracklesham bay at its best.

23/05/10. Shirala: Not much Viz unfortunately due to a plankton bloom but a few Scallops for the Bar B Que. HMS Hazardous: Good Viz but not much of the site showing due to the movement of sand over the wreck. However managed to locate some large timbers and a brass shoe buckle.




31/10/09. Trip out on Simons boat 'Stormforce' to the Shirala. Great viz, 5-6m and loads of big fish. Just got this in before the weather broke and the surfboards came out!

12/07/09. A planned trip to the Brigitta was unfortunately blown out this weekend by a stiff Southerly Force 5.

05/07/09. Large swell prevented launching, 'Gone Surfing!'

Midweek dive on the Bracklesham Balls. Lovely evening dive with a flat sea good visibility and plenty of Mackeral for the Bar B Que!

28/06/09. U1195 German U Boat at 30m. Sea like a mirror and sunshine, but not much visibility. The dissapointing visibility was made up for by the good Wakeboarding aferwards.

21/06/09. Great dive on the Northcoates with 8m viz. An Armed Trawler sitting upright and fairly intact with her gun pointing defiantly towards the surface. A few Scallops and a nice Crab for the evening meal!


07/06/09. Unpredictable cyclonic weather and poor forecast kept us in close to home. However, the weather held and we had good diving surveying what could be the remains of an 18th century ship lost in the Great Storm of 1703 and a small Barge that was used as a 'Target' after the war. 3-4m viz.

31/05/09. A trip across to the Isle of Wight for a dive on the Camswan. Very good viz of 7m, lots of fishing weights and recovery of a 'lost' Anchor. A good dive on HMS Hazardous although the sand is now encroaching more and more on the south of the site. Found, measured in and recovered a 'pommel' from a flintlock pistol which had been uncovered with the scouring out at the north end. 'Bracklesham Balls', 3m viz, good dive on some very unusual shaped rocks just off Bracklesham.

24/05/09. A 'fast' drift across East Borough Head, lots of marine life and interesting seabed but only a couple of metres viz. Second dive on the Anchors near the Hounds in Bracklesham Bay with amazing viz of 7-8m, warm and loads of Sharks Teeth, Rays teeth and fossil shells. 3rd dive on the 'Georgina', still sanded in with only the winch and some timber exposed.

17/05/09. Hazardous Project Excavation planned for this weekend and following week but had to be cancelled due to strong winds and rough seas. Good windsurfing and Surfing!

10/05/09. Camswan off the Isle of Wight 22m and 4m viz recovered an old anchor and chain. Good dive, lots of superstructure and large fish life. Second dive back in the Bay on the reef.

03/05/09. Very good neap tides but No diving as lots of wind, great for windsurfing and flying kites! 

26/04/09. A trip out to the Outer Owers for a dive on the Ben Venue, lost in 1870 on route from Penang to London. Great dive for the first pair with lots of exposed beams and winches etc on white sand botttom, fast drift off it for the second pair unfortunately. Second dive on the Hounds, no tide and 5m viz.

19/04/09. Dresden. New dive site for us, great little wreck upright in 27m and 10m viz. choppy ride on the way out but flat on the way back as the wind eased off. Second dive in the Bay with plenty of sharks teeth - 3mviz!

12/04/09. Plymouth. Rame Head, cold water but crystal clear, lots of big reefs, gullies and sand patches with a huge ammount of broken pottery around. Panther shoal in the afternoon through kelp forrests and shoal of Pollock. Visited Drakes Island on the way home.

11/04/09. Plymouth. The Elk (Daves Favourite), cracking viz again, covered in marine life and huge shoals of Pouting. The Poulmic, more good viz till we arrived! Spent most of the dive following a beautiful Cuckoo Wrasse round with the camera. Great little wreck with the biggest Pouting I have ever seen. Sat in the sun at Bovisand getting our air fills then back out to do a drift across Knapp reef in the sound.

10/04/09. Plymouth. Big swell!! Dived Tinker Shoal (Andys Favourite)8m viz and lots of marine life and items on the bottom discarded over the years by passsing ships, great start to the weekend. Panther Shoal in the afternoon 10m viz great big gullies and reefs, excellent.

05/04/09. Mixon Hole. Great Viz has arrived with 8-10m Lots of fish life and photo opportunities and I even found a sharks tooth!

22/03/09. Hayling Bay.

01/03/09.   Flat and calm again but still only 1 m viz. Chas managed another hour and a half!!!

22/02/09.   A lovely sunny day and flat calm seas. Gordon and the Triton Crew reported 3m of viz down the line but unfortunately only 1 m on the bottom. However, Chas still managed to spend over an hour down despite the water temperature and viz.